Aerial & Ground Assessments
Bushmen Enterprises Ltd. has developed a system of assessing plantations, watercourses and vegetative competition using helicopters. This system is accurate, timely and cost effective. We have been working with it since 1997 and it has evolved into a finely tuned system.

We hire competent, motivated individuals that can cover lots of ground and make accurate assessments. We are direct awarded numerous contracts every year. We have completed both Establishment and Performance surveys since 1998.

We can complete everything on a Performance Survey program from photo acquisition right thru to submission to AESRD.

Pre-Harvest Prescriptions
We have completed PHA's across Alberta and look forward to the upcoming season. We like to get contracts with clients that also have us doing work post-harvest so that we can see the results through full circle.

Herbicide (Aerial and Ground Applications)
We can take a project from nothing, right through to completion. We have worked all over Northern Alberta with a variety of applicators. We all look forward to these projects.

Slash Abatement
We have come up with an efficient system to burn brush piles that is second to none. Our people enjoy this work and are always looking for more. We have developed a set of standards to minimize risk and you can be assured that we will be responsible during the project. We have had no escapes to date.

Plantation Monitoring Surveys
We have developed a ground survey that looks at plantations two years after planting. This is a fast and timely system that gives a forester a heads up to any problems a plantation might be having.

Cone Collection
Bushmen has developed an innovative system for collecting Spruce and Pine cones for clients throughout Alberta. It allows us to harvest a significant number of cones in a relatively short period of time.

Project Supervision
Our full-time employees all have very diverse forestry backgrounds. As such, we are fully capable of providing assistance to our clients on any project, at any time.

We are very experienced at handling projects from the planning through to completion. Our clients can rest assured that we will do our best to ensure good results.

Harvest Planning & Block Layout

Block and Road Layout
We have completed numerous projects across most of northern Alberta. We can do it any time of year but prefer this sort of work during the fall and winter.

Timber Cruising
Bushmen began Timber-Cruising in 1998 and we continue to do it now. We have done it for both fire salvage and areas slated for upcoming harvest. We enjoy doing this work in the winter months as the access is generally better.